Corporate Social Responsibility


4Front Construction takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. People are our greatest asset, and we feel strongly that we should deliver value back into communities. Through applying our skills to charitable causes, and ensuring that our activities always adhere to the strictest of environmental policies – we promote efficiency, sustainability and ensure our work lasts the test of time.

4Front Construction are committed to hitting environmental legislation targets as a minimum. We strive to ensure all of our projects are completed keeping the environmental impact low and reducing the amount of waste produced. We follow the principles of: reduce, re-use and recycle; aiming at all times to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Diversity and equality is a priority at 4Front Construction. We believe in creating a harmonious and equal working environment for all, where every employee has their skills and talents encouraged and developed. We make employment decisions without discrimination based on sex, race, sexuality, age, disability, religion or political belief. Our working environment is one we aim to make free from harassment and encourage our employees to take an active role against all forms of harassment and discrimination.

A U.K. company with a global outlook, we also bring our skills and expertise to charitable projects across the globe.

Colombia Child Care


A charity that is dear to our heart is Colombia Child Care. One of our directors Alan Maltwood has led various team based visits to Columbia, to help this organisation with the construction of schools and orphanages for disadvantaged and orphaned children. In addition to this 4Front Construction sponsor 3 girls and 2 boys between the ages of 4 and 13. For each child our sponsorship provides food, education, clothing, health and medical care for each one.

"Colombia Child Care is a non-profit making ministry founded by David Taylor. Since 1995 he has worked among the poorest of poor children in Latin America, helping to alleviate the social deprivation that is so prevalent there. David's hope and dream is that some of the children supported by Colombia Child Care (UK) will be able to take their rightful place in society and make a difference to a hurting world"

"There is no greater importance in Colombia than the liberation of thousands of children from the hardship and injustice of poverty" Rev David Taylor, founder of Colombia Child Care

Charity number is 1097395

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